Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of enquiries that cover various aspects of our platform, services, and offerings.
Frequently Asked Questions - The Speaker Handbook

For Speakers

What is The Speaker Handbook about?

The Speaker Handbook is a global directory of keynote speakers. As a speaker, you can create your definitive speaker profile for free and use it to share all of your relevant information as a keynote speaker with interested clients.

How do I create a speaker profile?

To create your free speaker profile, register as a speaker and start creating your profile. It’s that simple.

Can I update or edit my speaker profile at any time?

Yes. Log in any time you want to edit and update your profile.

Is There A Cost To Join?

It is free to join The Speaker Handbook and set up your speaker profile.

We also offer a Pro Speaker membership. As a Pro Speaker, your profile will be listed in The Speaker Handbook directory and have a dedicated contact form so visitors can get in touch directly.

Should I Use The Free Account Or Upgrade To Pro?

If you want to be get more enquiries directly from your Speaker Handbook profile page, upgrade to our Pro plan.

If you want to promote your speaking business directly to event planners and speaker bureaus worldwide, upgrade to the Pro plan.

However, if all you want is a dedicated page for your speaker bio that you can send to people or, if you are not actively building your speaking business, then stick with the free membership. You’ll get a free profile page which will always be yours and you can upgrade at any time in the future.

What Information Can I Include In My Speaker Profile?

You can add a lot of information to your free speaker profile. Here’s a list of the main sections:

  • Biography, including your latest headshot, strapline, gender, home country and languages spoken.
  • The types of engagements you accept and your speaking themes.
  • Videos such as your showreel or example videos of your previous speaking engagements.
  • Your repertoire of talks.
  • Your programmes and workshops.
  • Client testimonials.
  • The books you have authored or co-authored.
  • Your website and social media links.
  • Your personal contact details and those of your team (visible only to logged in users for privacy reasons).
  • Speaker bureau information, including your fee details and your bureau preferences (visible only to speaker bureaus).
  • Event planner information, including your media, downloads and rider (visible only to event planners).

If you don’t wish to include any of this information, you can turn off entire sections with a single click.

How Can I Promote My Speaker Profile To Gain More Visibility?

To have your speaker profile appear in searches on The Speaker Handbook, you will need a Pro Speaker membership which is currently available at less than $17 a month.

As well as appearing in our directory and searches, your profile will also include a contact form that visitors can use to contact you or your office directly.

Who Can I Contact If I Need Help?

We have a small team dedicated to helping speakers on The Speaker Handbook. Just visit our support page and send your request. We’ll be glad to help.

For Event Planners, Organisations And Senior Executives

How Do I Search For Speakers?

Visit our Handbook page to get started searching for your next speaker!

How Do I Contact The Speakers I’m Interested In?

If you want to contact a speaker, you have a few options available:

  • Most speaker profiles include links to their website or social media profiles where you can usually contact the speaker.
  • Some speaker profiles include a contact form which will go directly to the speaker or to their office.
  • Most speaker profiles list the speaker bureaus or talent agencies that represent or list the speaker. You can click through to the bureau or agency website and request details of the speaker’s availability and fees.
  • If you are an event professional or a senior executive at a corporation, you can also register for a free account. This will enable you to log in and view the direct contact information for speakers or their offices including email and phone numbers where appropriate.

Do You Have A Rating Or Review System For Speakers?

No. Speaker ratings are subjective. However, most speakers have testimonials on their profiles from clients and audiences who have benefitted from their expertise previously.

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