We help organisations access and work with keynote speakers and presenters in a fair and equitable fashion. We offer a definitive global directory of speakers with reliable, accurate and up-to-date information on their capabilities, their availability, who represents them and the best way to book them for an event.


For Speakers - The Speaker Handbook

The Speaker Handbook began as a solution to a long-standing, yet simple problem: the quality of speaker bios. Speaker bios are usually out-of-date, inconsistent across speaker bureau websites and, often, not compelling or convincing. They fail to play the crucial role that they should in communicating to event organizers why they should consider that speaker for their event.

Created by the same team behind one of the world’s top speaker bureaus, The Speaker Handbook is a resource for professional keynote speakers and event organizers. We provide a central place where any speaker in the world can create and store their definitive speaker bio for free. Always up-to-date, accurate and containing everything that any event organizer needs to know about that speaker in one place.

For speaker bureaus, we offer a unique and convenient way to source reliable and comprehensive speaker information. Access the latest and most up-to-date speaker profiles for free, greatly reducing the tedious process of manually updating speaker profiles.

Bureaus can also choose to receive updates every time a speaker they follow updates their profile. This ensures that they always have the latest information and confidence in promoting the speaker’s services.



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We are working hard to expand our services to provide a truly comprehensive marketing and promotion platform for all professional speakers.

For example, we recently introduced a Pro membership subscription for speakers who wish to be listed in the directory.

Available from as little as $16.66 a month, our Pro Speaker membership offers speakers superb value for money. In addition to appearing in searches on The Speaker Handbook, every Pro Speaker has a personal contact form on their speaker profiles which allows clients to get in touch directly, quickly and easily.

Later in 2023, we are also launching our professional biography writing service complete with a guarantee that participating speakers will be listed on one or more speaker bureau websites.

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