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Meridith Elliott Powell is a top female Business Strategy Keynote Speaker who gets her audiences to do the impossible – take action, powering through today’s uncertainty.

Voted one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts to watch by Currency Fair, highly engaging female business strategy keynote speaker and sales futurist Meridith Elliott Powell delivers a cutting-edge message, rooted in real-life examples and real-world knowledge.

Meridith’s presentations are full of powerful content, highly interactive, and fun. She helps her clients learn the leadership development, sales and business growth strategies to turn uncertainty to competitive advantage.

All of Meridith’s Programs can be be presented in either an in-person or virtual format.



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THRIVE: Turn Uncertainty To Your Competitive Advantage

These are unprecedented times! A marketplace where disruption is happening on steroids. One where there is more change building outside of your organization than in it. And a relentless pace of uncertainty that can radically impact your ability to grow your organization and keep your team motivated.

The only guarantee you have – is more change is coming. And if you’re not prepared – if you don’t have a plan – then research proves this level of uncertainty will negatively impact your ability to drive innovation, attract top talent and achieve bottom line results.

While uncertainty can seem daunting, the truth is uncertainty has an upside – it always has an upside. In fact, it can be your greatest asset to thrive, grow and turn disruption into opportunity. But you need a plan, you need a strategy, and you need the research that shows the path you exactly how to turn disruption to opportunity.

Join Business Growth Strategist and Award-Winning Author, Meridith Elliott Powell in this high powered keynote where she reveals the research, the stories and the methodology.

This keynote has it all – energy, engagement, and a personal plan of action for every attendee.

Key Takeaways:

  • Quantitative Research – learn what more than 800 of your fellow CEOS think, feel and are doing in the face of uncertainty. This keynote starts with the powerful benchmark study that gives you insights into how today’s leaders are dealing with and solving today’s toughest challenges.

  • Qualitative Research – we follow-up with the commanding stories of 9 companies that have stood the test of time by thriving in business for more than 250 years. You’ll hear their overwhelming obstacles, their ingenious strategies for success, and the proven methodology they used to thrive through every crisis.

  • The PROVEN Methodology – then we share the code, the secret, the plan, exactly the path you need to follow to put you in the driver’s seat and in control in the face of uncertainty.

  • You’ll Gain The Secrets to staying highly flexibly and highly focused to strike the delicate balance of progress and seizing opportunity.

  • Your Personal Plan of action for thriving in uncertainty.

EVERY attendee receives a FREE copy of Meridith’s groundbreaking research study revealing the concerns, ideas and innovative solutions of more than 800 CEOS.

Available: In person, Virtually
Ownership, Engagement, Results!

Employee engagement trumps customer engagement – every single time! Turning attrition to attraction begins with understanding this point. The relationship you build with your team members is more important, and will impact growth, more than the relationship you build with your customers.

In today’s marketplace, there is so little you can control, and the one thing you need to succeed – a strong team – is getting harder and harder to create. It’s time for a new approach, a new perspective and a new set of strategies to redefine how you lead.

In these highly shifting, constantly changing economic times the organization with the best talent is the team guaranteed to masterfully navigate change, exceed customer expectations, and leave the competition in the dust.

The fastest path to profitability and business growth is through the quality of and the engagement level of your team. In this powerful keynote, Business Growth Strategist, Meridith Elliott Powell, shares the leadership development strategies you need to hire top talent in the most challenging times, build culture in a virtual world, and create loyalty and ignite passion in a time where turnover is the norm.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why engaging today’s employees is different, and gain the leadership development strategies to understand what employees want, and how to easily, and effectively, deliver time and time again.

  • Proven strategies to get the best and the brightest to beat a path to your door even in the toughest environments.

  • Innovative strategies to creating culture in a virtual world, and the secrets to getting employees to want to come back to the office.

  • Powerful tactics to build a team that is as passionate and committed as you are about the growth of your business.

  • Your personal plan of action to turn attrition into attraction.

Available: In person, Virtually


The Confidence Plan

The Confidence Plan: A Guided Journal

Today’s world moves quickly. There are some who feel overwhelmed by the constant pressure to keep up, or afraid to take risks that might set them back further. And yet, there are others who have a deep inner knowing that regardless of external circumstances, they can always navigate themselves back to a place of stability and satisfaction. Discover your confidence, learn to trust yourself deeply, and step out boldly into a happier, more fulfilled, and successful life with help from this motivational guided journal. That inner knowing is confidence. When we have that kind of confidence in ourselves, we can weather any storm in our professional or personal lives and know that we’ll come through better and stronger on the other side. Trusting our skills and abilities, we move toward opportunities rather than waiting for everything to align perfectly.

— Self Help, Motivational & Inspirational, Business

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